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TH Inc. History Timeline

1983.Feb. ZSKH Co.Ltd.(Zenkoku-Syuppan-Kyoudo-Hanbai Co.Ltd.Established
(Located in Izumi-cho, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
Published magazines and wholesale business
1988.Jul. Renamed ZENKYO-HAN CO.LTD.
(Move to Higashi-Nippori Arakawa-Ku,Tokyo)
Video wholesale and manufacture
1990.Jan. Moved to Ryusen, Taito-ku, Tokyo
1992.Sep. Limited company change to stock company
1992.Dec. Constructed an office building in Soka-Shi, move in it
1999.May. Animation face of new inflatable doll "Himekawa MOE" released
1999.Sep. Toy's Heart business launched by Mr. Onaya Kampachi
1999.Oct. First Elastomer-artificial vagina"Shigoku-no-fuckfire" released
1999.Nov. "Toy's Heart" trademark registered and acquired
2000.Jan. Osaka Sales Office was established
2000.Jun. "Leisure Industry Exhibition" exhibited at the first time
2000.Oct. "Heaven series" a legends of deformation cup masturbator released
2001.Apr. "Fantasic business fair" Exhibition held alone in Ikebukuro Sun Shine
2002.Oct. "Entertainment business show" exhibited first time in Tokyo Big Sight
2003.Apr. "Satisfaction" a first winding masturbator in the world launched
This product makes Toys Heart bound into fame
2003.May. "Dejibo" toys, a presentation for vending machine held in Shinjuku
2003.Jul. "e-Rotar" an Innovative design of Rotor released
2003.Oct. "Entertainment business show" exhibited in Tokyo Big Sight
2004.Sep. "Entertainment industry exhibition" exhibited in Tokyo Big Sight
2005.Aug. "es" a realistic electric stroke machine released
2005.Oct. "Seventeen" released, recorded best in the world
2006.May. Kyushu Sales Office was established
2007.Jul. "ATE 2007" Exhibition exhibited in Makuhari Messe
2008.Jul. "SHAKERS"-Three-title of Cup Masturbator launched simultaneously
2009.Oct. "VENUS 2009" Exhibition exhibited in Berlin Germany
2009.Apr. "SI-X series" a new material of masturbator released
2010.Jul. "Ona-pit" a simple masturbator released
2010.Aug. ZENKYO-HAN CO.LTD. adopted new organization
2010.Sep. "Lovely Love man", a novelty vibrator released
2010.Oct. Change ZENKYO-HAN CO.LTD company name to Toy's Heart Inc.
2011.Mar. "2011China Adult-Care Expo(2011ADCEXPO)" (ShangHai ADCEXPO) Exhibit in Shanghai
2011.Apr Toys Heart Twiiter account was pend
2011.Oct `2011China Sex Cultrual Festival`(Guangzhou) Exhibit in Guangzhou
2011. dec Itasha(pain mobile) [Izuha] debut which is industry's first.
2012. Mar '2012China Adult-Care Expo(2012ADCEXPO)' (ShangHai ADCEXPO) Exhibit in Shanghai
2012. Apr Released "Seventeen Bordeaux" third phase Seventeen series
2012.May 'JAL Expo' Exhibit in Canada
2012. Oct '2012China Sex Cultrual Festival' (Guangzhou) Exhibit in Guangzhou
2012. Oct Exhibit 'Ita G Festa in Odaiba'
2012.Oct [Izuha] costume making event
2012.Oct [Izuha] design renewal
2013.Feb Wonder Festival 2013 "Winter" Exhibition
2013.Apr '2013China Sex Cultrual Festival'(Beijing) Exhibit in Beijing
2013.Apr '2013China Adult-Care Expo(2013ADCEXPO)' (ShangHai ADCEXPO) Exhibit in Shanghai
2013.Jun Toys Heart event hosted by "Toys Heart Festival Have you had someone yesterday? Live"
2013.July Wonder Festival 2013 "Summer" Exhibition