Product Information

Uiuishi imouto (naive sister)

Don't you want to feel inside of "Sister"?

Tight feeling like a real
Bouncy meaty type

1. Easy to use with wide entrance
20mm wide entrance is easy to put inside

2. Reproduce realistic feel
Soft wrinkles and bumps will give you tight stimulation

3. Inside structure rubs you
With 3D wavy structure, you will rubbed every pistoning.

4. Suckling ecstasy
If you insert after pulling our the air inside of Masturbator, this will give you more vacuuming and tight stimulation.

5. Trustful bottom thickness
You can enjoy piercing feeling inside with 20mm bottom thickness.

Made with 「Safe Skin」 material

●You can even lick because of safe material made in Japan

●High quality with high technology
 There is almost no bad smell and stickiness,
 Trustful feeling of use

Uiuishi imouto (naive sister):Image
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Product Details

Full Length: 150mm
Large Width: 70mm
Weight: 400g
Box Size: 150 x 210 x 73mm
Features: Special internal structure
Moisty Mini 20ml lubes included
-Made in JAPAN-