Product Information

Tits Pillow

It is pretty no problem to sleeping, embrace and licking.
New tits are released.

No stink!!
Including perfume of Japanese girl!!
Easy maintenance!!
Very compact!!

Many tits products are very sticky because of oil!!
However, It is to use plastic Instead of oil.

【Possible onaholes.】(June 2015)
Iroppoi Ane (sexy sister)
Uiuishi imouto (naive sister)
Transfer Student
Hatsu toukou (first trip to school)
R-20 Puni
Virgin age 〜Admission〜
Virgin age 〜Graduation〜
※You can use other onahole if it is same size.
 (The pillow has hole part you can insert onaholes)
※It dose not include onahole and outfit.


A illustrator is Mapuru(まぷる)
who is very well known as
maestro of


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Product Details

Length 260mm
Width 340mm
Size E cup
Weight 160g
Made in China
BOX SIZE W127×H213×D67mm