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SUJIMAN ikappara girl(すじまんイカっ腹娘)

"SUJIMAN ikappara girl"
This ... ... too erotic! !!

Continuing from Suman, the ultra-narrow premium interior
Continuing from the hole, inside the mucosal system
2 holes luxury thick wall!!
Special storage case included, storage is also convenient.

・SUJIMAN ikappara girl body(2,800gBig body)
・storage case(Styrofoam made)
・Moisty Plus(20ml)
※Kuma panties are not included.
Please purchase separately.


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SUJIMAN ikappara girl(すじまんイカっ腹娘):Image
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  • SUJIMAN ikappara girl(すじまんイカっ腹娘):Image2
  • SUJIMAN ikappara girl(すじまんイカっ腹娘):Image3
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Product Details

全長 165mm  
全幅 220mm
内部長 125mm~140mm  
重量 2,800g  
特徴 2穴特殊内部構造
BOXSIZE W265×H225×D190mm