Product Information

Knocking up Press!

Stimulate and insert into the her!

【Riding area】
Easy to insert?!
Stimulus from upper and lower sides touching each other

Play at your desired pressure♥

You can feel pleasure with tight


【Knocking up area】
Fill in deeply to complete conquest!
Pleasure to cum!

Let's Go In Knocking up Press!!
Please love cute she♥

『What is a Knocking up Press?』

It is a posture in which men usually climb onto women's body and push them with weight.

Can deep inside put inside, so you can aim for sure pregnancy

She can not resist


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Product Details

全長 145mm
全幅 70mm
内部長 120mm
重量 365g
製品素材 TPE  
特徴 種付けプレス特化構造
BOXSIZE W150×H210×D70mm