Product Information

Expansion Plug (膨張プラグ)

Painful but delightful accomplishment
Amazing 150% expansion rate!!
※Rate can be different by each product.

As a pumping baloon type,
Expands easily.
Don't waste money to buy
various size of plug.

Non-electric type
Fully Washable.
After washing, dry well
and keep avoiding sunlight.

Pull out air from inside by one-touch button,
shrink Easily and Safely.


Be good with antibacterial lubes
Toy'sHeart's "Protect".

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Expansion Plug (膨張プラグ):Image
  • Expansion Plug (膨張プラグ):Image1
  • Expansion Plug (膨張プラグ):Image2
  • Expansion Plug (膨張プラグ):Image3

Product Details

全長 110mm
最大径 40mm(膨張時60mm)  
重量 83g
製品素材 PVC・ABS
BOXSIZE W135×H220×D60mm