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Ai Mashiro

Welcome to 2.5D World
A beautiful air doll of a dream Released.

Safer than a brothel!!
Economical to use repeatedly!!
Easy to wash because it is washable!!
Can choose clothes and halls at will!!
 ※Clothes S ~ M sizes is recommended

【Target product】(As of September 2017)
17 Series
R-20 Puni
Uiuishi imouto (naive sister)/Iroppoi Ane (sexy sister)
Campus Life Series
SI-X Series
Cum Maid Uterus Sex
Tight Innocent Pussy
Transfer Student
ubu Virgin
Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl.
Student council president
Plump Real
Lusty Hot Spring
A Taciturn Girl
Young Proprietress's Hospitality
Frigging Girl

※Other holes can also be used as long as they are equal size or less
※Hall and costumes are not included. Please purchase separately.


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Product Details

全長 770mm  
全幅 920mm
重量 300g
ホール部位 下部(直径約80mm 奥行約180mm)
製品素材 PVC  
セット内容 身長154cmイメージ等身大エアドール・ミニローション
BOXSIZE W155×H210×D80mm