~Toy's Heart uses high quality materials~

We are taking consumer safety and health into consideration. Toy's Heart insists on domestic production, over 95% of our masturbators are made in Japan. Please look for the "MADE IN JAPAN" label on the package. Many products also feature the "Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ~ Food & Sanitary Law No. 370" label. In other words: the material is certified safe enough to be used as food packaging, should it be used for that purpose.

The product quality is as important as material safety. As we create "lifelike" designs, we use materials that feel close to human skin. For "high stimulation" designs, we use more elastic materials. Moreover, smell, texture, durability and stickiness are all our main criteria. If samples don't meet our quality controls, we continuously remake them.

Because of these strict controls, items sometimes need about one year until they are ready for launch. At the product creation meeting, all staff members closely check the smell so much that it became a compulsive reflex. This care for quality delays product launch but assure purchasers with excellent products.

Safe Skin
Rumors say that this material "transforms to fit to you": after many uses the material changes shape to fit like it was molded for you, we say it has a memory function. Even if many users wrote about this effect, not everybody may experience it. But if you do after many times, you will feel an unique and peasant sensation ~ we at ToysHeart staff didn't experienced this effect.. yet.

Flagship products:naive sisterR-20Fairy of Masturbator

Baby Skin
Soft and smooth texture, little smell and good durability. Many products have a good reputation.

Flagship products:First sexual experienceTransfer StudentERO ANE

Fine Cross
Material of the Seventeen series, durable and no odor.High technology foam finishing, texture elasticity and hardness is also changeable and could make more product variations than any other material.

Flagship products:Seven Teen BordeauxSI-X Type.FSeven Teen

Fine Cross IZUHA
A premium Fine Cross material especially created for IZUHA. Extremely smooth and soft material. Upon insertion, it will bulge out and fit your hand to allow realistic stimulation.

Flagship products:IZUHA

Nano Skin
A little hard foam material that let you experience hard yet mild sensations. A new enjoyable skin texture.

Flagship products:Real Deep Throat

Fresh Skin
Very little odor and stickiness, a refreshing texture. It's a new material so there are only a few products, but quality is gradually growing.

Flagship products:EromanBusty Nurse

Prime Skin
Soft and elastic skin texture, possible hardness variations. Excellent moldability, waterproofness.

Flagship products:Fella pet

Marked texture with a harder structure. Super stimulation. High material elasticity, provides direct and intense stimulation.

Flagship products:IBO MAXHIDA MAX

Soft Skin
Toy's Heart's top-class soft material. Soft texture and smooth stimulation that made some users pass out after orgasm.

Flagship products:STYLE MARK-ⅠSTYLE MARK-Ⅱ