"There's no accounting for taste", but a product rated as good may not be of everyone's liking. This page helps you find products matching your taste easily according to your favorite features. We are confident about our products' quality, however we want to help you find the best possible experience!
At first, please read the following main Q&A.

Question : How to choose?
Answer : Please refer to the materials' page. You will find detailed information about our materials, and product examples. We recommend you to choose materials whose characteristics you like.

Q : Where can I buy your products?
A : Click "SHOP LIST" button on the left. You'll find shops selling Toys'Heart products sorted by country.

Q : What advantage do high priced products have?
A : The main difference is thickness, thickness and more thickness! Thickness is good because:
・great wrapping sensation
・you hardly feel your grip
・better vacuum effect
・coherent feeling
It feels closer to the "real thing"!