International Illustration Competition


" Your illustration will be used for our masturbator packaging ? !"
ToysHeart Inc. is running a worldwide illustration contest. The grand prize winner's illustration will be used at ToysHeart for a new masturbator packaging, which will be released this Spring. We would like to see you participate to this contest!!

Illustration Competitions.jpg

Theme is 「天然っ娘」 " An innocence girl "

-Natural and Innocence
-Healing your heart
-Warming your heart
-Mild and Peaceful

Please draw your thoughts about an innocent girl.
Around 20 years old girl image is preferred, but basically free! !
The grand prize winners illustration will be used at our new release of masturbation packaging! !

[ Submission Deadline ]
Till March 09, 2014 (Sun)

Grand prize: JP ¥ 20,000 , the illustration will be used at Toys Heart product packaging.
Excellent prize : JP¥ 10,000 worth of Toys Heart product (Can choose when we contact you)
Izuha prize: an IZUHA products♪

[ How to Submit ]
Please send your illustration with an mail to (
Multiple images per person are appreciated♪

[ Illustration Regulation ]
Resolution of the image: 350pixel or more
Pixels (height ) : around 3,000 pixel
Pixels ( width ): around 1,500 pixel
Color mode: CMYK is recommended, RGB is also good, if CMYK is not available.

-You have to be 18 or older to participate
-Characters and other copyrighted materials from other companies are prohibited
-On submission of the illustration, the copyright remains to the illustrator
-We will pay the grand prize to the winner to buy his·her illustration
(after contract the copyright is transferred to ToysHeart Inc)

-If any trouble occurs with applications during submission, Toys Heart Inc. does not assume any liability.
-Erotic illustrations are applicable too, but exposed genitals are forbidden.
-Please note that your submitted illustration may be published on our homepage

If you have any questions , please feel free to send an e-mail to us or contact us via Twitter.